Our Story

The journey to producing our first gin was a long and winding one; the name, the branding, the ingredients, the flavour profile of the gin and our approach to the business have all been shaped by our personal experiences. Each element means a lot to us and we’d like to share that story with you; we want to explain the spirit behind the spirit!

Growing up on the family farm in the Scottish Borders was a brilliant time and it is from here that we drew the name for our company; Farmhouse Gin. The farm is a place that is synonymous with having family close by, friends always popping round to visit, big family dinners or BBQs in the garden, granny’s cooking and drinks outdoors as much as possible in Scotland! We want our gin to be associated with fun; we want the drinks to play a part in your ‘home’ with loved ones and help to create memories that you’ll look back on fondly.

The farm is also the first step in explaining the distinctive camel logo…. but we’ll come back to that shortly!

In 2015 we moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and it was here that the next element of Farmhouse Gin began to form; our love of the flavours from the Middle East, in particular Lebanese food. With Dubai being so multi-national and multi-cultural you have every sort of food from around the globe on the doorstep.

We were drawn to the spices of the Middle East and the way they are adventurous with their bold flavour pairings. Their cultural approach to food being centred around families and friends all sharing a table also echoes how we grew up on the farm.  

We believe the fusion of these more exotic flavours, coupled with Scottish expertise in creating premium spirits, lets us create amazing drinks. The possibilities available using this region's flavours are huge and we want to use this inspiration to create bold and delicious gins that are distinctively recognisable as Farmhouse Gin. 

Dubai was instrumental in us choosing the camel to be our unofficial brand ambassador; it never failed to amaze us to see camels walking by the side of the road regardless of how long we’d lived in the UAE. When we saw them we were always reminded we were on somewhat of an adventure far far away from the Scottish Borders! As we mentioned before, the farm was also pivotal in providing the inspiration for the camel… when we were growing up the large barn in the centre of the farm always had a camel windvane sitting proud on the peak for all to see. This was because the previous owner of the farm was actually the founder of the Arab Legion and the windvane was a nod to his time in the Middle East himself.

It’s for these reasons that, as bizarre as it may be, the camel to us represents both family & home in the Scottish Borders and a feeling of adventure, travel and ‘the new’ from our time in Dubai! 

We returned home to Scotland in late 2019 and it was then that the pieces had all come together and we began launching Farmhouse Gin in earnest. We hope over the coming years we can add a few more exciting chapters to this story. I know one thing for sure, it will be an adventure and we look forward to bringing you along with us!