Our Process

With our ideas set in our mind and a determination to finally bring Farmhouse Gin to life, we began the behind-the-scenes work in earnest. We were fantastically fortunate to team up with Lewis Scothern of Distillutions in Arbroath very early on in the process and we have been delighted with the partnership ever since. Lewis has provided us with the technical help in bringing our recipe to life and he's our distilling partner, meaning he produces every drop of Farmhouse Gin. Along with his Dad Paul and the rest of his team, he has been instrumental in getting us up and running. 

Our collaboration with Lewis began with us putting our vision for our London Dry across to him during a visit to his distillery. Recipe ideas were bounced backwards and forwards before the test run of Farmhouse Gin was completed in February 2020. Neutral Grain Spirit made from 100% UK wheat is sourced from a distillery in the West Midlands at 96% ABV then we distill and water it down to the ideal alcoholic strength.

The biggest decision we had to make was in fact the alcoholic strength that worked best with our recipe – this involved a good few weeks of taste testing with friends and family. This was when it all became real and it was extremely exciting to be taking an actual bottle of gin to people to try! After we had settled on our chosen gin, there was only one last thing to do - a bit more taste testing to triple check! 

As we've discovered along the way, bringing a gin into the world is a complex process with many elements of the business being far removed from the exciting part of producing (and taste-testing!) gin. We have kept as much of the work ‘in-house’ as possible and this approach is one we will continue as for us the whole business is an adventure and we are constantly learning new things we didn't even know we didn't know!

Farmhouse Gin is our outlet to get creative and have fun, whether that be playing around with recipe ideas, changing up the photography, running competitions on our social media pages or speaking to you all about something we really enjoy and love, gin! 

We’ve come a long way since the kernel of an idea back in 2013 and we are exceptionally proud to bring our gin into the world and see people enjoying it. We will always continue to ‘shop local’ as much as we can and we want to continue our approach as one of collaboration, open-mindedness and most of all, fun!