Our Inspiration


Whilst creating our gin we always kept 4 key inspirations in mind. These elements drove us to start Farmhouse Gin and influence how we approach each thing we do. 

Inspiration 1 - Our love of a great G&T. 

This may sound obvious for a gin company but our appreciation for a very good gin and tonic was exactly what started our brains ticking. Our initial flavour concept was to make a gin that would make an exceptional G&T that the majority of people would enjoy. We wanted the gin to stand on its own and not need a particularly strong flavoured tonic or any additional garnishes to create a brilliant long drink. 

To achieve this we chose to make a classic London Dry gin front-loaded with a juniper hit that we believe should form the basis of any gin. Our botanicals give the gin a balanced citrus flavour with warmth and a depth of flavour coming in at the end.

Inspiration 2 -  Scotland.

It was exceptionally important to us that we were a Scottish gin but first we had to define what that meant to us. First and foremost the gin had to be created here in Scotland to tap into the enviable expertise this country has in making premium spirits. Beyond this, we also want to ensure as many components as possible are sourced from Scottish companies and individuals. 

We also want to add something different to the Scottish food and drinks canon that is already world renowned. We feel part of something bigger than ourselves and we want to bear the flag for 'Brand Scotland' in a positive way. Finally, we feel our collaborative approach is very Scottish in character with no gimmicks, great quality ingredients, pride in ownership and a transparent no-nonsense approach to business.

Inspiration 3 - Middle Eastern flavours.

We loved our time abroad and especially the range of new food types we got to have on a regular basis. We believe traditionally Scottish flavours combined with Middle Eastern flavours make for a winning combination and it's this relationship that serves as the inspirational basis for our gin. The variety of ingredients available gives us great scope for experimenting with future gin ideas and we already have a couple up our sleeve! The rustic nature of the cooking, the heat, the spice, the herbs and their refusal to see any flavour as too bold, inspires us to get creative and bring something different to our gins.

Inspiration 4 - Our gin as an ingredient.

We see our final inspiration as where the gin will be used. Gin has exploded over the past few years and the combinations being tried now are somewhat mind-blowing! When making our gin we wanted it first and foremost to stand on its own two feet in a classic and simple serve but we also wanted it to be versatile enough to be utilised in cocktails. 

Although we love our gin in some serves more than others, we are acutely aware that people enjoy their gins 1001 different ways. This is what makes the category so exciting as people who would never have thought of drinking gin, say 10 years ago, are now avid fans and bring fresh ideas, pairings, garnishes, tonic options and cocktails to the table. We love experimenting and we think that having the gin itself finalised is just the first step; the potential to test it as an ingredient in recipes is endless and we see this as an ongoing lifetime experiment - a very enjoyable one at that!

On this note we’d love to hear from you with your ideal serves using Farmhouse Gin and we hope it can play a small part in your enjoyment of the whole spirit category.